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What is bulk E-mail marketing?


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Bulk email marketing refers to a form of marketing that involves sending the same, or nearly identical, message to multiple email recipients. This type of campaign requires special software that takes each individual email address from a pr-existing list, and distributes a single message to each one. The number of recipients can range from hundreds to thousands, depending on campaign objectives.

Though it is generally viewed as a direct marketing tool used by large companies, bulk email can be used by small businesses and individuals as well. Someone might use it to send out dinner invitations, share family photos, or spread the news on a special event. In this scenario, bulk emailing objectives vary by the individual, and the messages are usually only distributed to friends or family the person actually knows.

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Yeah, bulk E-mail marketing is a great thing. But there arises complicated issues while you do bulk e-mail marketing. So in that case it would be better to get the advice and help of appropriate companies and consultants. Because it works on a special software, you will really need experienced people to work on it.

But I think the companies won’t use a third party in this scenario! Anyway, businesses will be needing the help of some http://www.FRAGGLESROCK.com

And have you heard of the word E-pending? What is that?

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed here. Do not point users to methods of contact or doing business that is not thru Fiverr.

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Sending emails commercial or non-commercial is not Spam. But you might be using a IP, SMTPs or Domain that is listed in “Blacklist”. People have many problems while sending emails or running a campaign on software (bulk emailing) the most know issue is “Blacklist”. As you can see you will find many free service providers on the internet that provide number of email to send out daily for Free. However there is nothing Free in internet marketing. On the other hand you can see that IPs, SMTPs and Domain cost an amount. So that could be provided Free from a company. Mostly of the free service providers give you the account Free and assign you the SMTPs, IPs and Domains that are Blacklist (being used in the past by paid users). After some time when you reveal that the email are being send to the Spam folder or your unable to hit the email Inbox, you can contact the company and they will ask to you purchase the service. Therefore, I personally never advice anyone to waste your time on thing that you’re getting free service. I will recommend you to get something paid and be serious about email marketing (as it’s the main aspect to build up your business).

I will suggest you to use “Imailunlimited” as they are the best one in the market of Bulk emailing. You can purchase any of their plans. The most important part of the company is they only have Dedicated SMTPs. IPs and Domain. If you’re using dedicated platform you will never get blacklist or caught by the SPAM cops (that ends the emails in Spam folder).

Also you will find many features in there software such as, IP rotation, Domain rotation, Email List splitting and the main point of them all is Live Reports ( Opens + Clicks + Deliveries + Bounces + Blocks).

Thank You!

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