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I have had a increasing amount of cases where Buyers accidents leave less than 5 stars


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Has anyone else had this happen?
Repeat buyers who usually leave 5 stars will suddenly leave a 4.7 or 4.3 star review. I then always ask them why they weren’t satisfied and what I can do to make their experience better. The last few weeks I have had two separate buyer be confused when I ask this and saying that everything was perfect as usual.

When I point out the lower than usual review they say that they meant to leave 5 stars, and don’t know why some categories ended up at 4 stars.

Is this some bug with Fiverr or are my buyers simply miss clicking without noticing?

Hiw can I make sure these reviews gets corrected? Customer support doesn’t want to help even though it is obvious that the review was not left like that by mistake.

How can I make this right?

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If you contact customer support about them (or even talk to the buyers about their reviews), customer support may give you a warning for review manipulation. It’s unfair, but you just have to hope buyers pay more attention in the future.

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