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A seller completely deleted my website


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Dear all, I bought a service from a seller that delivered me for 3 times a bad job with low quality and uncompleted activities. He doesn’t want to cancel the order saying it worked 6 days on it.
But the main point is that he completely deleted my website yesterday and now my online business is offline. He said “don’t worry I’ll fix”, “don’t worry 1 hour and site will be online”, etc…
Now he asks me to close the deal because the job is done he said. Actually nothing works.
Who pays for damages? Fiverr? Seller?

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That’s not good - sorry this happened to you.

First, talk to your host. It may be they have a backup your site can be rolled back to.

Cancel the order - through CS if necessary.

For the future, maybe choose someone with a more realistic price for your work … ?

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