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New Beginning with Freelancing

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Hi guys and I super excited to be a part of the freelancing family in Fiverr. It’s been two months since I posted my first gig which is about translation and I had no idea how this works at the beginning but without taking it as an excuse I have started learning about this platform. It took a while to fully understand the site and I am still learning. I was also able to identify some of the downsides in my gigs which helped me to polish my offers.

I was still not ranked higher in my category but still earned my first offer last week. I also had the opportunity to learn many things while I was working with the buyer even though it was challenging and this too helped me to further develop my gigs.

My advice to all the new freebies is two keep learning and make sure to apply what you have learned. Post gigs on areas you are really confident in delivering successful and do not post gigs just because it was a success for someone else. You may find potential in some areas but before starting on working make sure you have improved your skills in that area otherwise disappointment for both you and the buyer which will leave a negative impression.

Looking forward to share some tips and my experience. Cheers and Happy freelancing.

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