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I have a few questions for senior sellers, for a senior seller


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Hey all! I just got the requirements for level two seller, and have been thinking up some questions that I wasn’t sure about.

  1. Do you change your default price to say 5$ for 250 words or 10$ for 500 words ETC

  2. I’m waiting to get new audio equipment, however it’s going to be at least another month before I get it. I’m not super happy with my current audio equipment, and how it sounds, so I don’t feel as though I should raise my prices until I upgrade, what do you think?

If I remember any other questions I had I’ll add them, thanks in advance!

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Am I a senior seller so far as Fiverr is concerned? No, absolutely not! However I do have a view which I think is valid based on 25 years as a freelance worker in the media field.

It’s all about perceived value and meeting the expectations of that perceived value. What does that mean…?

In order to attract the quality clients, those with the larger budgets and those who truly care about quality, without question you have to offer a higher price.

This is because the big commissioners will, as a general rule, automatically disregard the $5 and $10 type of gigs knowing they’re going to be drowned by mediocrity. Seriously, the number of $5 voice gigs is enough to crush anyone’s spirit! Of course there are always going to be exceptions to this, I’m talking in generalities.

That’s the perception bit. If you charge more, then you must be good.

In order to meet the expectations though, your own talents must be up to scratch plus of course (and I think this is the bit you’re looking for), your recording equipment must be top notch.

However, before ramping up your prices, you also need to be happy with the level of feedback you’ve got. You still need to be able to demonstrate that people believe in you.

Perception, evidence and quality go hand in hand.

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