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53 Buyers Requests, no sales


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I have sent out 53 buyers request over the past 2 months and I haven’t received any sales. I follow tips that the other forum users give, but nothing has seemed to work for me. Any tips?

Can you check out my gigs and give me feedback?

I’ll show you some of my buyers requests offers (give me feedback):

  1. “Hi there! I have read your offer and understood your requirements. For a negotiable sum, I will transfer your highlighted article quotes to a word/PDF document. I have over 5 years of experience using PDF and MS Word so I am competent. I am certified in Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM). Please consider and give me a reply soon! Thank you”

  2. “Hi there! I have read your request and I understand your requirements. For just $35, I will create a spreadsheet of all the brands on a website and record the average selling price. I hope that we will work together. I look forward to your reply. Please message me so that we can work out a suitable package/offer for you. Thank you”

  3. “Hi there! I have read your requirements and I understand what is expected of me. I will list around 100 products on your Facebook business page for $30 in three days’ time, provided all the information you will give to me.”


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