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One UNFAIR review KILLED my Fiverr Business!


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Up until a few months ago, I had built a quite successful Fiverr business creating digital portraits. Every gig I undertook received 5 Stars and I was over the moon to reach LEVEL 2 status.

To avoid any confusion, I made sure customers knew my artwork was created digitally and clearly stated my process within the Gig information.

Everything was going swimmingly until I received a message from my latest customer saying he was really happy with the portrait I had created, but… had I hand-painted it?

Although he was happy with the portrait, he felt that he didn’t want to pay the full price for my gig ‘as he thought it was going to be hand-painted’?.

I felt a little miffed and pointed the customer to my gig info. He agreed he had misread the details and again said he was happy with the artwork I had created, but he wanted a 50% discount.

I decided, as I’d created a good job and my gig information was in good order, that I should be firm on the pricing. I was happy to cancel the gig or the customer could have the artwork at the agreed price.

The customer decided to have the artwork and then left me an awful review saying that I was conning people into believing my work was hand created with paints and brushes.

Since that review, I HAVEN’T RECEIVED A SINGLE ORDER and my Fiverr business has gone from 2-3 orders a week to ZERO.

Fiverr won’t remove the review, even though they had admitted it is unfair, so I’m pretty scuppered and my Fiverr journey has been abruptly ended.

(If anyone knows of anyone who has managed to get a review like this removed, I’d love to hear from them?) :crossed_fingers:t3:

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One 3* review is very unlikely to have any negative effect on how buyers percieve your offer. Therefore removing it might not help. If you were the buyer, would your opinion and desire to buy something be considerably affected by one bad review out of 50? I know mine wouldn’t. And to be fair, the review itself isn’t even that harsh, it reads like the buyer had a “meh” experience because of misunderstanding on his part.
This indeed looks like a search algorithm problem and you should contact the support about that instead.
Hope your issue can be resolved and your sales can get back on track. Good luck.

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You could change the title to add “… acrylic style portrait painting” instead of “…acrylic portrait painting” like it might have once been based on the URL. eg. the title sounds like it might not be digital and that it might be an actual acrylic painting even though the description says it’s digital and that it’s in that style.

Maybe also be clearer in the premium package description that it’s that style if you have enough characters.

You could give even more info if you wanted in the description eg. you could mention what software you use, though that shouldn’t really be necessary. Just so they definitely can’t be confused about what you do.

Maybe sending offers to BR could help get orders started on it again.

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I feel so bad for you… but know this. The best restaurants and best hotels will always still get bad ratings from time to time… We deal with a lot of clients so it’s going to happen. Just keep up the good work and do your best! You will raise in ranks again.

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