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Hey i m new to fiverr


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Hi, I recently joined fiverr, and created my first gig.i need everyoneshelp to acquire more mpressions on fiverr as well as a freelancer
I would be very grateful if anyone would look at my gig, the description and the overall impression you get from it. some of my work as freelancer are listed below
data entry
data mining
data collection
copy paste

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It would go a long way to show your professionalism and 4 years of experience if you ensure you use proper capitalization, punctuation, etc. Let’s take your gig description as an example:

over the past 4 years , i have been working as an online research ,data entry ,MS excel and copy paste task . i can assure high customer satisfaction with high quality . i am providing a top friendly services to our client with all the privacy .
we are providing the following details
business name
complete adress

Punctuation marks should be connected to the word to which they are subsequent, and the beginnings of sentences and proper nouns should always be capitalized. A part of a buyer believing you are competent has to do with how you communicate. Buyers will be more confident in your service if you show you can communicate your service well, especially buyers who speak native English.

It’s also unclear what you mean when you say “we are providing the following details,” as “categories” doesn’t seem to be a detail while the others do, consider different word choice. And switching from first person singular (“I”) to first person plural (“We”) could be confusing.

Simple things like having a clean gig description can make all the difference in getting orders. Personally, part of what I use to assess a seller’s competency is their gig description and profile description. Put everything you write through a grammar checker such as Grammarly to help you improve everything (it’s free and doesn’t take much time).

Best of wishes.

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