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I am panicking. HELP!


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I have two on going orders from different buyers, but both have given me same panicking experience. One needed to collect some material, and demanded to extend the duration, after that, time is passing by, also she doesn’t responds; If does then very late. I am still waiting for the material to be given so that I can start the work, only one day is left. All of the time has been wasted.
Another buyer had to get a feedback from his boss, and stated that it wasn’t possible before Monday, we both agreed to extend the duration as it was the need of the time. Now what? he hasn’t provided me with feedback and I am left with 20 hours to do the work and submit it. He is also the kind of buyer who doesn’t come online, and responds very late.
I am worried and depressed, on how will I complete both works. Can anybody here please help me out in this situation Guide me please.

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I am not giving any expert advice, just sharing what I did when I faced almost similar situation.
Do what you understand and complete order as per yours understanding and deliver the order and message them on the order page that" I am delivering you the work I was able to do with provided information, as you were not responding so I did work from the information I had. I am delivering right now because I cannot afford late delivery. But don’t worry I’ll make changes if you need "
By doing so you may have to do some extra work but you can avoid late delivery.
Again saying I am just sharing my experience as I got very kind buyers they respected me. Don’t know about yours. Do this on your own responsiblity.

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