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How to get work on fiver


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Hello, great question!

Have a talent and be good at what you do and make some gigs that attract buyers. It’s just that simple.

You gig images and descriptions so far are not going to do that and need a lot of work and improvement.

Surely you cannot expect anyone to want to buy your gig when this is your entire description:

i will provide video editing service with photos editing with soundmixed and disserent type of intors and outros for videos

Look at a lot of gigs for what you are offering. This is your competition. Study them.

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Guest gamunu

Welcome to Fiverr 😊

Before start a new topic on the forum, you can simply do a topic search to avoid asking the same question over and over again. here is what I found

Are you new to Fiverr? Are you desperately willing to start off? Are you still waiting for your first Gig Order? You are at the right place. This post should help you immensely, I am sure. Not to dishearten you, but to give you a heads up, let me tell you the truth. Getting started here and getting the first order is not that easy. It is not that simple. But if you are dedicated and passionate about selling your services here and make some money, it is very much possible. I will tell you wh…
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