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New Seller Here. Unable To See Buyer Requests


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Hi everyone. My name is Tricia and I’m new to Fiverr. From what I’ve heard and read online, the easiest way for a new seller to make a sell is through the buyer request section. But for a few days now I have been unable to see any requests at all despite creating three gigs already. Is there any specific time that the buyer request shows up? And is anyone else experiencing the same thing? What is the possible way out?

Please check out my gigs and know if there is anything that I’m doing wrong.




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Hello @tricia_r Welcome to Fiverr Community. We hope for a good journey together.

There is no specific time for buyer request, they can pop-up at any time. Just Keep checking every after 20-30 minutes. Once you do that after a week you will come to know buyer time request.

Thanks @hamza1424 for your input. I hope I get to see buyer requests soon 😐

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