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Gig not appearing on search results


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I tried to find my gig on fiverr but I was unable to find it on first few pages. It was on the second page maybe I messed up by editing my gig. I got 5 orders on that gig. Still it’s not showing anywhere in search results. How can I solve this problem?

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Contact Fiverr customer support. Hope they will fix the issue

Never do that. This is why Fiverr is overloaded and takes so much time to respond to legitimate inquiries.

Just because someone was on a certain page that doesn’t mean they stay there or even remotely close. An algorithm is a set of conditions that prompt a set of actions, not “you stay where you are because you got orders.”

Algorithms are by nature dynamic, not static. We all will move around in the rankings regardless of our performance.

So please let’s let CS focus on actual problems

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