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Never Give Up New Sellers


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As a new seller i wanna told you that Never Give Up. You are looking for an order for the long time?But don’t get any order from anyone? So what!! Don"t give up!! Focus on your profile and try to make it special. Don’t be Disappointed. Don’t be frustrated rather you should improve your skills.You have to make your hope alive. Today the people who are successful in their field they didn’t succeed overnight. After reading this forum you can ask me that why you are talking more in this topic where you are also a new seller and you don’t have any review till now?Then my answer will be i know i am new here in fiverr but not new in freelancing.

At the end of the topic i wanna told you that Never Give Up.

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Hi) It may sounds hopeless but… I’m a newcomer here like you. And… I don’t think that I’ll get any order on Fiverr. I have no promoted socials. And I also have big troubles when I upload Gigs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Some functions may suddenly disappear. Then they suddenly appear. And adding gigs becomes hell! It may take days!!! I just can’t publish one more 😐
I’m there for weeks and I despaired(

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