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Canceling orders system is ridiculous


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So i’ve been around fiverr since five years,and that’s a lot of time ,watching the platform grow and develop "sideways’.But to where exactly,it’s questionable. 🙂
I quit fiverr before couple of years because,there wasn’t a “system structure” that DEFEND creators here or at least i don’t really see it.
But life goes on and i decided to get back and give it another shot,and here we go again.So right now there is a new structure of how when you cancel an order you get downgraded by percentage of your stats,which is absolute bollox.
For an example:
If i get an order placed by a customer ,and we work on that order,but the customer changes his mind every now and than throughout the process,it’s getting ‘toxic’ sometimes and i bet a lot of you creators out there are experiencing the same issue.So we are experiencing the toxic order and we decide to cancel that order,we still get rekt with our percentage going down,EVEN IF we did our best,EVEN if we try,EVEN if we provide couple references and the customer continue changing his opinion.
Basically we end up in a position where we have done free work,we have wasted time,we tried to please our customer but still get our percentage lowered?Really?
I think the twenty first century description for this would be TYRANNY.And that’s not okay.
Because exploiting people is something that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. Even more when there could be a simple solution for it.
But by looking at how the Fiverr team is handling one simple issue about Gigs statistics not being visible for a month now,i can only imagine how long it will actually take ,for you people to start caring about the Creators working under your wing in your platform.
And still i know,if i don’t like it i should move out from the platform,but i think we can speak for ourselves and share opinion.So a simple changes of how the MUTUAL AGREEMENT system work,shouldnt be that hard.
Defend your workers,you can prove better fiverr,we pay a damn good commission for your services.


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