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Tips for Staying Motivated as a Freelancer


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How are you? I hope all is fine!

Here i write 8 motivation tips for all freelancers.

  1. Set goals

Like any other job, setting goals is the first step in any successful but dynamic freelancing job. Follow the list below to get a clear idea of ​​how to do this:

  • Make a list of the goals you want to achieve by the end of the week and divide them into daily tasks.

  • Don’t put too much weight in one day and try not to pile up one day’s work till the next day.

  • Make a checklist after crossing things from the list, definitely gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

  1. Make it a routine

Not working in the office does not mean that you do not have a routine. Create a schedule;

  • Wake up early, as if you were in a normal office job.

  • If you are not a morning person and you think you can work out more efficiently at night, then make a routine that fits your night schedule.

Discover when you are extremely creative and make the most of it!

  1. Use a designated place to work

It’s definitely a great thing that you don’t have to sit in an office for 8 hours straight, but it’s really important to allocate space in your home just to work. It prevents mess and you don’t have to move constantly for any reason. When assigning a designated place to work, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Try to keep this place away from your bed or you will fall asleep whenever you feel tired.

  • Keep it close to a well-ventilated window. A bright area and a fresh smelling room can go a long way in creating ideas and stabilizing the mood.

  • Keep a notebook in your workspace and make sure it’s on an accessible site so whenever an idea pops up you grab it right away. You can write by writing.

  • Plants help boost mood and creativity, just as some foods do.

  1. Don’t delay

It is common for people to do all the work in the 11th hour and delay all the work till the last time approaches. Completing any task at the last minute not only destroys creativity but also makes your work feel like a burden, ultimately creating hatred against it.

  • As soon as it is given to ease the burden on your future self, start working on your plan.

  • Pursue your hobby not only for work but also for fun. Take some time out of your day or week and go to places that motivate you to pursue your hobby and keep you engaged.

It helps you fall in love with your work again and it also creates more creative ideas than ever before.

  1. Stay focused

The mobile phone is one of the biggest hurdles facing modern day liberal ideas. Keep your phone quiet while working and keep checking it for at least 1-2 hours. Follow these steps to promote more productive routines:

  • Keep your phone away.

  • Set an alarm on your desktop or any other device you’re working on to remind you of a break after a few hours. It also prevents you from ending yourself.

  • Take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes between tea / coffee / bathroom work.

  • There is no one else and you will have to convince yourself to start again and it will take more time to get in the mood and start working again with full focus.

  1. Create inspiration and socialization

As a freelancer, it is normal to confine yourself to the confines of your home, leaving it only for ordinary tasks like buying groceries, etc., isolating yourself from the world, not only making you suffer from irritability and depressive symptoms. Makes, your mind is not even allowed to think that it needs peace to think correctly. Therefore:

  • Go out and see places like. Architectural masterpieces, museums, restaurants, beaches. In short, anything that inspires you.

  • Get together with people, it’s best if you encourage ideas with people in your own profession and find more common things to talk about.

  1. Stay healthy

This may seem unnecessary, but a healthy mind needs a healthy body. If you are physically tired, you may not be able to work as efficiently as you should.

  • Exercise, even light 20 to 30 minutes of exercise is enough to wake you up.

  • Go for a walk: A brisk walk for about 20 minutes can refresh your mood and mind.

  • Healthy food Avoid eating too much fast food. Cook for yourself and use your free time.

  1. Remember why you did this?

Freelancing can be great, but you have to remind yourself why you took the job in the first place. Here are some features of freelancing if you forget them:

  • You do not need to inform anyone. You are your own boss!

  • You can work from anywhere in the world, from your home to a cafe.

  • You have more freedom to choose which project you want to work on.

  • If the workload becomes too much, you can always break it into pieces and do it on split days.

Following these tips can help you stay active as a freelancer. Remind yourself that choosing freely was a big decision. Keep working harder, remembering all the things you have achieved so far. Working hard for a good cause is a good thing.

GOD bless and thanks for read my Post.

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