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Android bug when searching for gigs


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I am amazing of Fiverr and how effective this website is. I am a newbie here(just 1 month, but already 50+ completed orders with 100% positive rating) and I often times search for gigs through my Samsung S4. When I search for a keyword, for example “traffic”, everything everything looks fine, but when I click specifically on the option “New”(for gigs in the sub menu with: Recommended. High Rating, etc.), it gets me back to the front page and I get the following message: “Search term must be at least three characters long.”(in orange color about my To Do menu).

It will be great to look into that and fix it if possible. I hope this recommendation helps. If anyone else has had the same issue, feel welcome to share it here to confirm that it is not just isolated case.

Kind Regards,


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