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Afraid of Losing GIG's Ranking Due to Order Cancellation


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Hi, there. 3 days ago, I got a notification that an order has been placed on my Online Course Content writing gig by a buyer. In the order page, I found that the buyer didn’t give me enough information about what to do on which topic actually. I inboxed him and found that he is already offline. 24 hours later he replied a link of Udemy course and asked me that he want something like that. :roll_eyes:

To my surprise, he placed an order for the basic package where I am offering just a Module and he is giving me an instructor course link to write for him !!! 😱

I made the fact clear to him, but he disappeared in the meantime. Then I took help from the resolution centre and asked him to extend the delivery time as 2 days have already passed, but I couldn’t start writing even a single sentence.

Another 24 hours later, he declined my request and made a dispute to cancel the order stated that he misunderstood my listing. Now my concern is, that is the very first order of that specific gig. If the very first order becomes cancelled, my gig may lose its ranking. So, I convinced him to withdraw the dispute and figure out any alternative mutual way. He willingly agreed and withdrawn the cancel request. ☺️

I thanked him and also assured him that he could choose any of my gigs and ask me to offer that service for the running order. But another 30 hours have passed, though he came online several times, he didn’t yet give a reply. I am afraid. The deadline is almost there, but I have nothing to deliver. 😖

Can anyone suggest me what to do in this situation?

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This is what happens when you coerce a buyer into keeping an order that they don’t actually want and have said they don’t want.

If a seller did that to me as a buyer, would I be courteous and prompt with them? No.

Cancellations happen. It’s a part of being a seller. You don’t coerce buyers and then expect the outcome you want.

Focus on things you can control instead of trying to contrive a workaround to keep an unwanted sale.

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