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Balance is going from account. Please check every seller


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I had $68 mysteriously disappear from my account. I contacted support, waited 3 days and got a rambling response that made absolutely no sense. I’m saving a screenshot once per day now so I have proof if it happens again. It’s very frustrating, so I know what you’re going through.

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I had something like this posted before you by several days - you can find my original post, I was missing twenty four dollars.

I had also noticed several other discrepancies that day - duplicated gigs and frozen pending funds.

I tweeted that same day.

They got back to me very quickly, but it’s only as of now that I really and fully understand what occurred… I will paraphrase.

When implementing ‘bitcoin,’ the system kind of, shall we say, hiccuped.

Many people’s orders suddenly read wrong - go through your pending clearance orders. Some of them may appear to be frozen, others may be duplicates of other orders, trying to clear twice.

When you tally up the frozen/duplicates, you SHOULD have how much is ‘missing’ from your account.

The hiccup began about a week before the sudden 'missing money.'

Extra completed gigs were tacked on in duplicate form. When Fiverr corrected this, the money you thought was there, but was really just duplicated money, vanished, creating what appears to be a shortage. If you go through and add up every single gig you have done - you cannot rely on your sales screen, track back through your ‘to do’ list, then you will find that your money is accurate.

I ran the numbers and discovered that I was, in fact, square and always had been.

It’s in-depth, annoying and pain-staking, but it’s nice to have your mind set at ease.

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I’d be able to follow you better if English was your first language, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case - anything can happen to a database, especially in accounting, when new data is introduced into a system. Fiverr had been working hard for a week or so to implement a new bitcoin system and a new forum feature - overlapping lines of code can have all kinds of unforeseen consequences.

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There is something strange happening with my account, happened three times already.

The order gets completed and the earnings that appear in the top of the screen are twice the value they should be.

I don’t know if there is more money entering my account by mistake, or missing some, because I don’t track my sales. (not yet) But this is as flaw, and I am worried that Fiverr will not be trustful anymore.

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This thread is an interesting read. I have only just joined Fiverr with the intention of buying and selling gigs. I must say, the content of this thread has now left me thinking that I will probably only use Fiverr to buy gigs, and not sell them.

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I keep track of my earnings in my own filess because I itemize taxes and need to keep track of income and expenses. Although I found the way Fiverr moves money to different categories (“upcoming”, “pending” “cleared” “available”) to be confusing, the bottom line is I have been able to withdraw exactly to the dollar the correct amount of money in one year of selling.

I’ve seen this particular complaint a number of times (“Fiverr is taking my money”) but wonder if the problem might really be not understanding how funds are moved through the clearance process, or someone not double-checking whether orders were cancelled or posted more than once-i.e. duplicate postings or forgetting that they made purchases. Fiverr would not stay in business long if they just stole money. Enough people would have no problem filing a criminal complaint if that were the case!

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Its over 4 month contacted with support and recently they said there are no problem with my account and everything is going smoothly. sent them screenshot of my withdrawals and earnings but they ignored it.

@celticmoon I was confused too but still things going crazy with my account.


if you see this gig there are 14 orders are in queue but problem is there are no order on my account for this gig.

contacted support again 4 days ago but no response.


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