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Job in Buyer Request disappears after you applied

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I recently noticed the strange behavior of Buyer Request, that whenever I apply to a job, and when I fill the details, the full page blinks and blanks out for a moment when I set the time needs, then after everything comes back from that blinking out, and I send the offer, the job simply disappears from among the search (Only a few job do this, but they’re usually the jobs that has larger budget.). But when I return to buyer request, the job already disappears. Jobs with smaller budget, $5-50 shows offer sent, but jobs with larger budget, over $50 disappears from the list right after I applied to it. Its like the system simply disqualifies me from certain jobs during that strange blink out period, while it shows I seemingly applied to it. But the job and my offer with it simply disappears from Buyer Request.

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