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What to address your valued buyer

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A member wrote to one of his buyer:

Ok, Madam, I will do as you said.
She replied:
I didn’t like it. To heal, call me Stella. I’m not your Boss. God sent you to be partner in purpose with your talent.

British people like it but the Americans don’t. Even some American people, specially from the North, take it to mind. They don’t like at all to be addressed Sir or Madam.

So always call them by names. If your buyer does not use his/her name, then you may ask his/her name politely or you may ask : What should I call you, please?
Still someone may take it to mind and may ask you in reply:
Is that too important?

Let me explain in brief, as found in dictionary.
(a) a polite term of address to a woman, a respectful address to a married or older woman. A younger woman/girl is addressed “Miss”
-I’m sorry, Madam, the restaurant is fully booked.

(b) a polite salutation in a formal letter.
-Dear Sir/Madam

© used before the title of an office or position.
Madam President. Her Excellency President

(d) the mistress of a household
-Is everything all right, Madam?

(e) a woman who runs a house of prostitution.
-Madam Papia will arrive soon.

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