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Hello, I,m a new seller in fiverr

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Hey, Nice to meet you too.
I suggest you to keep active in this forum and always read older and latest articles. You can get clear idea how it working. At the same time you should promote your gigs on every social media platform. It will increase your views and impressions. Best wishes for you.

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First of all you need to research a lot about Fiverr and your related works. Then you need to create your gigs by researching more than 50 gigs. Then you can get a good idea for which gigs will be more effective for you. I hope then its help you to get more orders and be a Successfull Sellers.

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Hi there and welcome to the community. My best tips is to look at the forums. There are lot’s of threads giving tips about how to succeed on Fiverr and very good testimonials.

However, my personal advice to you is that you only sell your services accordingly to your skills and always provide the best customer service to your clients (which doesn’t mean to do unlimited revisions or work almost for free - know your value and skills and go for it with a good business strategy). Use original descriptions at your GIGs, be wise while choosing your keywords, put a fancy thumbnail and that’s it. Oh, and please, please read the TOS. It’s really important to know what you can do and what you cannot do at this platform. After 3 warnings from CS your account will be cancelled.

Wish you many many sales. 🍀

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