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Fiverr PLEASE address this issue of Gig Copying its not fair to just take away ones creativity

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Guest youtubeviews0

Hi Fiverr Team,

Thank you so much for this Awesome opportunity you have created for users all over the world.

Please try and tame the practice of Gig title copying and stealing that’s totally unfair to the seller who are tooking their time to do research and come up with a gig title that can sell and encouraging diversity uniqueness. I know sellers really time to come up with a unique presence or ideas on fiverr and for some unscrupulous uncreative sellers to just decide to copy and paste ones original gig title and gig description word for word is just not right at all ???

I have seen similar complaints and I think so many of us sellers are suffering in silence while the practice continues and some actually get frustrated and opt out of fiverr.

Please try and clear that up look at the attached examples , when you search for youtube views , you will see that so many users are actually doing exactly that. let me explain the difference between an original and counterfate.

When creating a gig for the first time fiverr will give you a unique url signature that within the URL on the browser will read and correspond exactly with what your gig title should currently read, if you’re the original creator of that unique gig title.

But like on the case of the attached examples I would like to clearly show you some examples of sellers that copied other sellers Gig titles while the original sellers are nowhere to be seen as they have been pushed away from visibility as the gig title gets more and more saturated which is totally unfair. This is so unfair and many sellers are suffering in silence and Fiverr needs to stand up and protect sellers from such unethical vices that infringe on others intellectual property.

I would propose that on the recommended tab only the gigs that seem Authentic and are consistent with the URL and gig Title should remain on the recommended tab to encourage Originality and healthy respectful competition.

Attached please find some examples elaborating the issue eg. when you search for youtube views

Thank you

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Guest youtube_likes_2

I was also a victim I reported to Customer Support but no action was taken aswel and I just decided to Delete my gigs out of frustration it was such a bad experience. I also got to realize that particular copycat from india has been the same one copying other sellers gig titles with impunity.

I will try and notify Customer Support again hoping that this time they will take action against the seller known as

I’m so frustrated that I deleted all my gigs, I hope no one gets to go through what I went through.

Sheriff’s note: Really sorry, but calling out of sellers or buyers is not allowed on the forum

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