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Seller get the work and after that he open a dispute

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Hello, I transcribe a video for the seller. The audio quality of the video is not clear because there are three speakers who talk on Zoom through mobile. And the person who recorded this video is talking through phone speaker. So that why the quality of the audio is very poor.
Anyways I delivered him a 2-hour video transcription service and after 2 days of delivery he open to dispute that I didn’t get any sense in the sentence. But I write what the speaker speaks. I asked him that I write what the speaker speaks and where I didn’t get what they say I write [inaudible].
I asked him that give me a another chance to proofread again but he was just saying that sorry I don’t wanna get more work. So it means he is doing this all deliberately.
Now I don’t what should I do because if I decline the dispute he will give me a bad review and if I accept I lost my work amount.
Any suggestion what should I do?


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If this was me, I would dispute the cancellation. You can prove that you have completed the work requested. However, most scammers when challenged will leave negative feedback. Be prepared for this. You can of course publicly respond to the feedback to leave your side of the story.

I don’t know why you asked for a second chance. What would this achieve? You wouldn’t magically be able to understand all the words. Nothing will have changed. All you’ve done is communicate to your buyer “I might have done a bit of a poor job first time, but if you give me another chance then I’ll do better”.

Personally, I think transcription gigs are the hardest gigs to deliver. The audio quality that most people provide is mobile phone quality at best - muffled, distant, inaudible at worst. I know it would have taken you many hours to transcribe two hours of speech.

Always, always insist on hearing a representative sample of the audio before agreeing to a transcription job. There’s no point taking a job on if you can’t hear what’s being said.

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If your transcription is indeed as accurate as possible given the source material, decline his cancelation. Pro tip - act professional while allowing him to get as mad as possible. If he gets insulting in the review, that breaks terms of service and you increase the chances it will get removed by CS. Ideally you want the buyer to go ballistic in the review in this kinda case, since then you’ll get paid, no cancelation and no review. Win-win-win.

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