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Please stop bringing back old threads, make a new one


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Every day now there are several threads that are over a year old that are brought back. Make new threads please. Notice the dates on the threads you are responding to. It it’s more than a couple of months old please do not respond to it.

It’s inconsiderate to others to have them click on an old thread and then read a post and notice or not notice they are responding to a thread that is years old.

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Yes. And I mainly see threads
How to get first other
25 days and no sales
How to send buyer request.
Whenever I open Forum I see these threads. Now I am getting annoyed by these threads. New sellers have confusion that they will get some order by posting here or some magic will happen.

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To all newer sellers:

You do not get a higher rank by posting on the forum. This forum has no connection to the fiverr algorithm. It will not boost you in any way.

You will not get an order from the forum. We are sellers here not buyers.

But they didn’t know the actual meaning of “Gig Promotion”. They just throw link everywhere where they see any text editor or any forum. Actually they should find the targeted audience which will bring some traffic to their gig and may be some sale. But we only request and ask they will do what they like.

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