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How to Increase my gig algorithm

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Here I am new and have a lot to know. It’s been two weeks since i give the gig, But i have’t received any message or order yet. There are many people here who have a good idea about frverr algorithm.
So i have posted here to get your cooperation. I hope you will observe my gigs and point out the mistakes.

Please visit following link and point out the Mistakes:

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Hi! Your gig is extremely perfect! Though, there is one thing which I think that you should fix is that you should remove your second gig (the one at $5) as you’ve already made a logo gig before. If you create more gigs on the same topic, Fiverr’s algorithm considers it as spam and moves it back in the search list. Now, you just need to wait for atleast a month, because it takes some time to get your first orders rolling!

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