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Hello, I’m new to Fiverr and discovered 2 types of profiles, the good and the bad ones. I Have no reason to not trust the artist when I ask for illustrations. I’m creating a tabletop game and I looked for the game box’s illustration. I took a profile with wounderful illustrations and I asked for the job. I was asked for 200 USD for the sketch and then 400USD for the colouring. Based on the quality of the images I went for it.
Times goes by and I need many other illustrations, smaller ones though. And I find myself faced with people who say that they can do a job, but the result is not great. Sure I have some small jobs needed to be done and most of them were useless. I also put some offers to get a specific job done and I get up to 30 offers that are completly useless. I also found 2 good artists amongst them.
I must have spent over 1’000 USD in the last days and now, I had to change viewpoints and that’s sad. I saw a guy with an amazing landscape and I say that I want the same. The guy says ok, 250.- for that quality. Excited, I go for it and I get something not of the quality for the price but like a damn ass, I accept it. Now I relized that many guys upload stollen pictures that ain’t theirs and they try to sell you shitty work as amazing work and you can fall for it. Now I know it. I had this guys with specific pictures on his profile. I paid for a logo and he was unable to make the beginning of the logo. So had to cancel the order. Another had an amazing goblin picture. I asked 6 times if it was his and no answer. When I finally got the answer he admitted not his and blocked me. There is a LOT of fake stuff and after losing some money, you start getting sharp on finding the right people.

I hope that the first order is gonna be alright because 200USD for the sketch and 400USD for the colouring is a LOT!

Have a good day

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I totally agree with you. In my opinion it’s too easy to become a seller on fiverr and it shouldn’t be like that. I mean, it must exist some kind of verification. I am frustrated when some buyers come to me, saying that it’s too expensive for them and that some guy would do it for a lot less money. Then you see that people get confused and you have to explain your prices because all of those scam sellers use: google translate for translation services, already stolen templates for website design. I mean basically I’ve had no free days to deliver an excellent project before the deadline, sometimes it’s required to work more than 10 hours/day, and then those scam sellers just copying some stuff on the internet and trying to sell it.
If I could, I would definitely help fiverr to become more trusted platform…

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