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Buyer's requests - a buyer sent me a message but became unresponsive after this


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I am here to ask about the buyer’s requests. I am relatively new to Fiverr, and I have sent various offers to buyer’s requests these days. I got two responses.

First response: the guy said he had decided for my offer, but then became unresponsive
Second response: a woman contacted me regarding my offer, said she had decided to take my offer and explained all the details, and then she became unresponsive as well.

Does this happen a lot? I respond quickly (within an hour). How long does it take for a buyer to respond usually. I would image that buyers in general wish to make sure that their order will be executed properly; hence, they keep in touch.

Another question, since I am new to this, I want to ask, do you usually have to create a new gig for buyers request. In order to personalize it, I mean. How does the procedure usually go?
I wish to hear some advice from more experienced users.
How long does it usually take for a buyer to respond?
Do they provide details regarding what they want you to do exactly? For example, I had one curriculum design request, and, in order to do this job efficiently, I need to be provided with details about students, the length of the course, students’ level, etc.

I really appreciate your input on the topic.

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