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Is business slow for everyone?


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Hi everyone. Usually I get a relatively constant stream of messages and orders. However, the last 5 or 6 days have been incredibly slow, hardly hearing from anyone, new or previous buyers.

Is everybody having the same experience right now? I can only assume it is down to the current situation so there is less call for freelancers.

Be good to understand if other sellers are feeling the pinch a bit

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Same here.
Not even the existing customers are coming back.
No new orders since a week even though enquires are less.
Don’t know what is happening with Fiverr.

Also it’s been almost 20-25 days since the gig’s impression is missing.
Is this you guys are also facing?

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I’m a new seller who joined in May (around two weeks ago) and I haven’t got any business nor my Gig appears on search. I’m trying to get some business from Buyer requests.

I guess I picked wrong time to join…

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