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Is it fine having 4 stars?


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I never understand why sellers want to delete gigs or even entire profiles - just because they got feedback that was less than 5 stars. This is no way to run a business.

If English is not your first language, then you are likely to always make grammatical errors. In which case, feedback pointing this out is perfectly fair and valid.

Also, common sense says that you are likely to make such mistakes again, and will therefore in future likely receive similar below five star feedback.

The more important question to ask yourself is ‘Am I qualified to offer this service?’.

I can see from your profile that you offer content writing in English. However, several of your gig titles are grammatically incorrect.

I never want to put fellow sellers down, but one of your gig titles even states ‘I will flawless youtube scripts transcriptions and descriptions’. The ironic thing is that the gig description is far from flawless and anyone buying your service should therefore expect serious grammatical errors!

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I wouldn’t say delete your gig. I’d say maybe stop butchering the English language while telling giant lies concerning your competency as a ‘professional’ writer.


Your gigs are riddled with errors and your only buyer so far has called you out on including errors in your content.


Saying this is just going to make people cringe so hard they need emergency botox.

I’m sorry, but if you are going to sell yourself as a writer, you need to learn to write first. This might sound a bit brutal, but worrying about what is really a quite miraculous 4-star review should be the last of your worries.

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