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Fiverr really has to stop penalizing sellers for Paypal problems!


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I had a cancellation from a buyer who had no money in his Paypal account, so his order automatically got rejected by Paypal and I now suffer with another cancellation.

Don’t you agree that Fiverr should stop the sale BEFORE it happens? Shouldn’t they check the Paypal balance BEFORE the sale goes through?

I got this message from Fiverr:

Hi hotwebideas, We have been informed by PayPal that a dispute was opened for your order FXXXXXXXXXXXX: As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that PayPal puts on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it. If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team

Ok, so now, I suffer another innocent cancellation, because Fiverr programmers cannot fix a simple problem!

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That sounds more like the seller initiated a cancellation against you through PayPal as opposed to having no money in the account.

Fiverr can’t see what is in a PayPal account or not by the way. PayPal effectively tells Fiverr ‘yes, there is money in here’ and Fiverr can then process the transaction. PayPal believes there is money in there because it does it through a direct debit system (if there is no cash or card attached to the account). At that time it believes that there is enough money, but if there is not, the transaction will bounce three days later (or something like that)

I do agree that cancellations like this should be attached to our account though. Doubt it will change. However, I do have an inkling that they can remove the cancellation from the rate in some circumstances as somebody said the other day:

"Unfortunately, late delivery is not one of the cases where we can remove the cancellation from your cancellation rate"

or words to those effect (this late cancellation was a result of Fiverr being down as opposed to me actually being late). So it does seem as though they have the power there, or they worded things in a really bad way.

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