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No Value for the Seller

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How can the cancel the order without even talking to me. How can they do it? I have done the work that was asked for me. I have done it within time as it was in the GIG which customer bought. How can they cancel it without even listening to mine side. The only bad thing I did was that I have done mine work honestly delivered it on time was that mine bad is it? . The bad scammer seller do the false clam just like he the order wasn’t delivered on time just to get free work and the fiverr with cancel the order after he had received the work and he has get that within the time we agreed upon.
Is that here someone who listen to sellers or seller are here to just get fu*ked up and we do all the hard work, deliver it on time and when we get in the last lost our time money and effort because the platform we work on doesn’t even take us seriously. The fiverr and their support staff doesn’t even bother to listen to us? Do we exist or not?

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Contact support for your problem they should respond in 48 hrs to your request

If the buyer opened a dispute to cancel the order you can decline it while waiting for support to solve the problem

I declined it and i think that was fault that I decline it. They cancel it within hours without listening to me or talking to me where when we complain they say that they are very busy and they took 48 hours to respond .

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