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What happened to fiverr supporting team?


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I am using fiverr from last 2 year and fiverr supporting team was one of the best in past who use to reply back with in mints, hours but no more than 6 hours later ever…

Last night my account was hacked for few minutes then i recovered it before hacker take any advantage of it… i messaged to supporting team to confirm is my account is safe, does hacker changed any thing else than email ID (paypal etc)

but guess what happened? its more than 10 hours and there is no reply by the team… One of my facebook friend also told me that its 24 hours gone and he did not get any response too about his account security.

Meanwhile through this thread i want to inform all users of fiverr that do not click any link you got in fiverr … always use a seperate browser to check the link for example if you are login to google chrome then open link in firefox. Hacker sent you a link and with in second your email ID from your fiverr account get changed.

Fiverr team also need to do something for this… i mean more security stuff

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