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How can I get back previous position of my gig?


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Hello everyone!

I am Taher and a level 2 seller. I usually provide Photoshop editing services. this is my profile link https://www.fiverr.com/tahercsebd.

It’s about more than a one week I did not get any messages/orders from the new buyer. I don’t know the exact issue behind of it. My gig was in the first page but now my gig is in the third page. I got many orders when my gig was in the first page. Also I don’t know why I lost my gig position!

Let me share something what I did in the last month. I canceled a few orders by help canter. After that, the help center refreshed my profile as well. I canceled a few orders because of the buyers were completely unresponsive. Also, I mutually canceled one order.

In the mean time, a new buyer sent a me message before placing an order. A few hours later the buyer said “I know how to get this done. Never mind I wanna cancel this order”. But denied his request. Because of my stats. After that, I delivered the project on time. The order completed automatically 3 days later. The next day suddenly I saw a notification that the order canceled by customer support. 😦 Besides, My stats were nothing change after canceled the order by customer support.

Now I need some suggestions from you guys. Please, suggest me something what should I do now?


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