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Earned from a project but the amount is not showing on the pending clarence


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Hello, I had a project of Caricature making and the buyer accepted the work on 1st june 8.30 pm(Indian time) I earned 16$ from that order. the amount is showing on “Earning in June” but when I’m opening “Pending Clearance” That 16$ is not showing. My last completed payment of 24$ is showing. The pending clearance is not updated and it should be 156$ rather 140$, Even the “Net Income” also not updated, Showing the same amount which was there before this order completed. I can not understand when this 16$ will clear. I 'm really worried about it, As I worked hard and gain this 16$ and it feels like I worked for nothing.I’m attaching two screen shots to understand it better.

11366×696 44.5 KB
21366×693 56.6 KB

Thank you.
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