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Never Received Final Product and Billed


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How does someone actually get in touch with Fiverr support? I ordered a logo and requested a minor revision. The seller promised to return the updated logo but never did. I was charged, and now the seller is no longer on the site. I tried to contact support but ended up going through an endless loop of forms.

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If you scroll all all the way down to the footer at the bottom on Fiverr (not here in the forum), there’s a “Support” section, click on “help and support” and underneath all these FAQ blocks it says

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please visit our Help Center for more information.

buyer Help Center

and then on the next page, all the way to the bottom it says

Have more questions?

We’re here to help.

Contact Us

You might be able to be directed there just by clicking on the contact us button in this post, I’m not sure if this works but if it doesn’t, just follow the steps above and then you can fill out the form and submit it.

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