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Order issue regarding negative ratings

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Hey everyone!
I completed an order a few hours before and the client was happy and he completed the order from his side.
while delivering order I said to review the delivery in case of queries but he was ok and accepted the order.
But after few hours he is saying that I’ve to refund amount through other platform otherwise he is threatening me to give me negative ratings.
I’m worried about that kindly help me in this matter.

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And while you wait for the reply from customer support (which, according to several posts, can take quite a while currently), do not refund, and least of all on a different platform, stay on Fiverr at all times with everything, payment, and any communication.

I’d tell the buyer “I’ve forwarded your request to Fiverr’s customer support to look into.” Maybe he’ll think twice about wanting the payment for delivered services back and leaving a bad review then.

Don’t let such people blackmail or even worry you, stick to Fiverr’s terms of service (most importantly, no payments or communication on other platforms) and report such threats.

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