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Buyer went Mia and not responding


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I created my account in March 2020 and I received my first order like 3 days ago!
The buyer was quite cooperative and we agreed on the terms and conditions. I created a Custom order for him and he accepted it. He provided me all the requirements and I started working on his project.

After few hours i was done and delivered the project.
Now the thing is he’s not responding since then. I know the order will be checked as completed after 3 days or so but all I was waiting for that 1st Positive review.

(While i was delivering the order, his last seen was 4 hrs ago. So he didn’t checked how my work was just in case someone wondering he didn’t like my work)

What should i do in this case?

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Well, for what it’s worth. You should be elated the Buyer is not complaining. Maybe the Buyer is busy or need more time. Fiverr gives Buyers 3-days to review and accept the order; before it’s automatically marked complete. So, just hang tight!

You can send a polite follow-up mail. That goes along the lines of… “It was a pleasure working with you, your order has been delivered. If there is anything else I can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

Of course, you can use your own words. 🙂 But try not to be too pushy and don’t ask for a review.

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