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Simple tip:
To come to arrangement you must be very clear letting your byer know that you still his excellent choice he decided to go with at the first place and you are down to revisions, revisions can solve this issue for you for most byer but when it comes to “very stubborn byres” you go a step further and tell them you’re not responsible for their lost and that they need to contact fiverr customer support ( simple is that …)
Facts about cancellation on fiverr :
It’s an issue that fiverr-CS has to deal with at the first place and as long as they seems not to be to resourceful in this subjects Mather so here few EXTRA measurement you can take in consideration and can help you telling you’re byer that you are wailing to do an exception like offering a 50% ticket discount on the next order
How to respond?
“I am so sorry but I am not allowed to process with any refund as long as you haven’t provided any raison for that” (trust me client when they order they are not drunk they click after a well thought decision unless the client tell you that some wired tornado hits the WEB server supply as he trying to make his purchase or his pet has stepped on button by mistake)

Loosing byer on fiverr is putting all parts in risk: buyers, seller and the community so to avoid misunderstanding you must be very on point when writing your gig description
As a disclaimer you can write your first line on your gig description telling the following:
You are not responsible for any orders by mistake:

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