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I was 29th to reply a buyer request

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I wasn't the first720×1024 40 KB

This post is meant for two types of sellers out there on fiverr

1.to the “good sellers” who always take time to read a buyer request, understand what they are asking,and then reply back to them only if they are capable of doing that job.
You have good news brothers, this is the proof that ,being the first reply has nothing more than being the best reply.
Keep up the good work buddies.

2.to the “brainless sellers” who use precast replies,
“Oh sure ,I can do that ,Iam the best ,boost is the secret of my energy,east or west reply must…”

See for yourself, nobody is going to reply
Kindly stop the madness, try to understand the buyer’s needs.
Never accept any job if you can’t handle.
The more you reply to strange jobs
The more they will appear in your requests
What you are good at ,should be what you offer.

Hope you all got my point.

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