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Viewing Negative Feedback


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At the moment, there’s no way for sellers to take a look at a list of their negative feedback. In fact, if someone just leaves a thumbs down and no feedback, you can’t even see it on your gig and thus are unable to reprimand the issue with the buyer (unless you crawl through your “completed” list to try and pinpoint where you got the thumbs down – but this can take forever if someone leaves a review after the longest time).

I think there should be an option added for sellers to view ALL their negative feedback so they can work it out with their buyers and possibly have them removed mutually – by the way, mutual feedback removal should also be allowed (I know the ability to remove / change your feedback disappears after a while whereas if you haven’t left a review, that will stay open forever; how is that fair at all? – you could have a buyer leave a negative review months down the road and not even know it)

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