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NO orders for my 5 gigs

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Follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have used the right keywords for your gig .Try to target the keywords whon are on demand by the buyers, low on competition (having a lower number of service providers),and in accordance with your expertise. For this, you can even visit the profiles of your competitors and get and idea(obviously at the same time please don’t copy and paste)
  2. You are using the buyer Request option and professionally sending requests
  3. Your Profile and gigs are professionally Made and the services you are providing are in conformity with your gigs
  4. You are constantly promoting your gigs on social media e.g Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter
  5. Your Price is neither so high nor so low relating to the services you are providing
  6. And Mostly importantly after you do this all “Have patience buddy”
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