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I've been doing great this month, and you can too!

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Now, I’m not trying to brag, genuinely, I’m just here to share where you can get with hard work, and persistence, I’ve been working on fiverr for a year and a bit now, getting orders on and off, having some good months, others not a good, this month has been especially great, getting 3-4 orders a day, it’s honestly kind of mind blowing!
Today I woke up to 2-3 orders, which is normal, and i’m always thankful for them, but as I’m typing this my sixth order of the day came, I can’t say I’ve ever been overwhelmed, this might be the first time.

TLDR Work hard, and provide great work, and please, don’t complain on the forums about not getting orders 0.0009 seconds after uploading the gig, give it a few months, it took me a month and a half to get my first order!

Anyways, to end this short little thread, for those who aren’t getting orders, and offering genuinely amazing work, just be patient, and keep providing great content!

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