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SEO Skill test FML


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I had to take the seo skill test, and I passed.
I am a member since 2013 why did I have to take the test if previously I was selling SEO related gigs and have a rating of 4.9 from over 100 buyers…
Why doesn’t everybody have to take the test? Most of them will probably fail but at least people who are selling SEO related backlinks actually know a thing or to.
What was the test like from an industry veteran’s perspective? Dear god, most of the questions could have been answered with “that depends”, they have almost nothing to do with SEO but with technical analysts and SEO jargon.
I am going to be honest with you, I have taken plenty of tests on other platforms, but as soon as I saw the first couple of questions my eyes started rolling so hard that I facepalmed
One of the questions was about how to deal with duplicate content… and the easiest way is to just delete it and maybe remove it trough search console, none of these were options. I don’t know what all the answers were but one of them was 301 redirecting the duplicate to the original, this worked like 15 years ago but now it will still pass a possible penalty.
I have a feeling that the person who made the test just copy pasted some questions from quora.
Rant over

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