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I want to cancel an order but I'm afraid

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UPDATE: The buyer has initiated a mutual cancellation and has asked me to snd a custom offer of the amount of work I have already done for him. I think that this is fair enough for both of us. Let me know your thoughts though. Thanks! 🙂

Hello everyone,
I was wondering that if I request a mutual cancellation on an order, will it affect my seller level promotion? I will be completing my Level 1 requirements in a few days with an overall 5* rating and 100% order completion, response, and on-time delivery rate. I’m afraid that the cancellation will affect my order completion rate, thus stopping my promotion. The order has a high worth though in terms of money, but the demands of the buyer are way too much. We’re also not connecting well in terms of what he needs and what I make hence, the stress which I don’t like. Some advice from you all will be appreciated. Thanks!!

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There is no dilemma.

Why would you accept an order that makes no sense for you to do to protect your rating?

Don’t exploit yourself or put a buyer at a disadvantage to protect your rating. It makes no sense at all.

We had a long discussion before he placed an order where we discussed everything. However, once the work started requirements and expectations of him from started to change.

That is why^

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It will affect your seller promotion or getting up to the next level IF by cancelling this order, it takes your Order Completion rate below 90%.


If i cancel this order, my order completion rate will drop to 95%. This won’t effect the promotion right?

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