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Maybe a Problem With my Account - Can't find gigs in search


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I have been working on Fiverr for like 2 years. With over 600+ reviews on my gig , it is not appearing in search results from the last 2 months. Yes, it’s been over 60 days that I can’t get my gig in search results.

Some things to note:

  • Even if I write full title of my gig in search, it still doesn’t appear (both in relevance and best selling). Accounts with 0 reviews and with my same gig title are in search, but I can’t find my gig.

  • Under local sellers/online sellers filters, it does appear but on the last page. It’s like they’ve sent it to last page of these filters ( where no one would reach obviously )

  • Fiverr Support says it is normal and they can’t do anything. Just focus on quality. I’ve been delivering 5-star deliverables from 2 months . Don’t know what to do now!

  • I’m working with my regular clients and had many reviews since my gig disappeared (with 5-star rating) Earned considerate amount within the last 2 months.

  • I have tried changing tags, descriptions and none of them worked

  • I have also shared my gig on social media like CS suggested .

So, what should I do? It’s been now 60 months and even my regular clients are getting done with their projects.

One more thing:

I made another gig a few days ago and guess what? I searched it with title and it was showing in search and on the 5th page of the overall category. After a few hours, it disappeared too! Nowhere to be found now - other than the last page of local seller category (where no one would reach except me lol)

Any advice? Looking forward to your replies.

Thank you!


Stay safe!

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