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This is Disappointing- Gig Ranking has Corona


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It is been 4 years i am working on Fiverr, I completed 1000+ orders, and made around $16000+ at $18 Average order cost. In this 4 years i have always been sit in top 5 for few keywords, i used to get 4 to 5 messages daily and at least 1 order daily, but since 2 months i see no messages no orders, it feels like a disappointment to me because we seller pays 20% of our earning to Fiverr and we do hard work to complete the orders with all the buyer satisfaction, but after all these hard work you get kicked out without any reason is like you were working for nothing?

I am not complaining that Fiverr should not give chance to new comers but they should kicked out professionals either.

What do you think? Are you also facing such issue? What should we do to secure our positions?

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Guest fibocci

You delivered 8 hours ago as of writing this message. I think you’re doing fine. And you should know by now that you aren’t guaranteed placement no matter how established you are.
If all else fails,

Gig Ranking has Corona

Cure it of coronavirus, then.

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