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I recently signed up for fiverr, I don’t have dependency on earning money here.
However I would like to know how the category Sport is best received by users. As we know there are a lot of gaming coaches here. I am mainly a sport coach, even tho I like to gamecoach as well. What are steps I can make to get the attention of fiverr, and its community, to let people engage more to sport?
Currently there is a category for dancing, yoga and other alike physical activities. How do you look towards the idea of having people from different sports over? Or might this website be more aimed towards artlike works?

Kind regards

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Welcome to Fiverr. That’s a rather intriguing question. Sports could be a part of the lifestyle category. Professional Sports & Sports Coaching are niche expertise, but it depends on the demand for that particular expertise from the buyers point of view. It would be rather refreshing to have a category for sports but at the end of the day its the overall demand for it that floats the boat literally. As for the artistic stuff there is plethora of freelancers offering services for for graphics & design, & video & animation. All the best with your endeavors.

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