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Worst fiverr support system

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Hope you guys are doing well because i am definitely not doing good and all the credit goes to the support team of Fiverr who make my situation worst in this pandemic by their clueless decisions.

Let me tell you guys the whole scene:-

I sell yahoo finance on fiverr, so on 2nd of may he ask me about the yahoo info and ask for samples which i gave to him and he ordered gig on 18th of may. If someone order yahoo finance we need to mention the media details to let yahoo know that legit person is submitting the PR. I have already added this info in the requirements tab that we need media details.
He submitted his media details and article and i published it on yahoo finance and delivered it and he didn’t accepted the order and ask that to remove his email as it was his personal and within 2 hours of article publish he is getting the spammy mails on his email.

As per the policy of yahoo finance you can’t change that media details after submitting so, told him that and my gigs also has mentioned that 0 revisions will be made after submitting the article because it is not in my hand.

He cancelled the order for that mistake which he himself do because in the sample he can see the other person media details but he refused and cancelled my order which i declined because the mistake is his and also it was a very small thing.

I also sent the message to the support system on 19th of may to let them know his intention but and what he did to me and cancelling the order for his own mistake.

They replied on 22nd may and by that time that guy reported my gig and ask the fiverr team for cancellations and fiverr support system approved it without knowing anything.

That was the gig which has 18 "5"reviews and most of the order came from this and now they removed it and now i have to start all over again and they also refunded the buyer and telling me that they can’t give me refund now.

Don’t you think before initiating the refund and all they should have contact me to know my side or all they want these fraud buyer to come and harm their sellers.

I have earned almost $4k from that gig and been working on fiverr from last 1 year and this is the way they treat me.

This incident made my monthly income 0 and now i am in loss because i already paid for the yahoo finance.

This is the request to fiverr, please refund my money as i have no money now and i maybe i can’t sell more because for that i need money and i don’t have any.

Please! I request all the members to comment here so it can reach to the fiverr team and they can refund me.

Thank you

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Forum members can not help you with CS. It is not how the forum works. You should ask Fiverr for clearance to do this before doing it in your GIG, and then you would not have this issue.

Always share with CS your GIG specifics if they involve breaching of TOS.

I have message their CS several times but they are saying the same thing that buyer gives the satisfactory answer but how can they cancel the order without inspecting the matter.

I am ready to tell them all but they have taken the decision before i can say anything

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