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How to deal with many sales and peoples

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Hi, Guys
I am a new seller and started getting too may sales. I have five orders but continuously people are asking for new services. I don’t want to say no to them and make me out of office as a new seller as it will affect my position. Can anyone help me with how to deal with buyers at this moment?

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Thanks for your nice suggestion but raising price as a newbie would be effective even now I am charging $30-20 or one as i create videos

Don’t ever worry about charging more. I am also a no level seller video editor, and I charge a minimum of $100 per video and have received 29 total orders (granted, about 3/4 of them were sub $100 sales because I was just trying to get some reviews)

Fiverr grossly undervalues video editing. If you provide quality work and truly care about the craft, I’d suggest raising prices 🙂

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