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Hi! Here's a little something about myself

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Hey there!

I’m from Manila, and I’m new to Fiverr, and I just joined a couple of days ago.

To share, I’ve been doing creatives work since High School and College, and I realized that it’s definitely something I want to do, and earn from. Based on recommendations from friends, it’s something almost up my alley --I just need more experience, grow my portfolio, and land more clients (and perhaps full-time work). I work as a robot for corporate by day, but given the opportunity, I’d switch in an instant. I’ve already switched careers from Banking Treasury to Marketing Brand Management, in pursuit of creativity. Perhaps Fiverr will do that just for me. Am I too optimistic?

Honestly, it’s been harder to earn during this pandemic. But after learning about Fiverr, I’m still hopeful (or hoping!). Anyway I’m excited to get started and to build on my work!

Thanks for allowing me to drop by, saying hi, and introducing myself. Even more so for taking the time to read this! Anything to share for a first timer? Drop a message or just say hi?

(fiver.com/luisaaagam) ❤️

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Keep doing good work. Use your 10 offer daily. Send the buyer genuine proposal not copy paste. Carefully read buyer requirement then send your proposal. Keep patience. All the best for future projects.

Wow, these are great tips! Invaluable, and I thank you. (I didn’t know that the offers were a max of 10 daily?).

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